Energy Star®

Our ENERGY STAR® qualified homes give you more.

There is no comparison between the utility bills from a second-hand house and a new home. A new construction home can be up to 30% more efficient than homes built only ten years ago, and in order to add the most value to your new home, Williamsburg Homes only build new homes that earn the Energy Star label. This government-backed label indicates that your new home from Williamsburg Homes is energy efficient, and will save you money and effort the longer your family lives there.

Green homes and green building techniques increase the value of your new home and decrease the amount of money you will have to spend living in your home. Every new home from Williamsburg Homes features Energy Star heating and air conditioning units that are more efficient than standard models. Our new homes also feature tight construction, high-quality insulation, Energy Star certified windows and sealed and insulated ducts to prevent the weather from getting into your home and lower your utility bills.

The life of your new home is just beginning when we are done building it. The quality of a new home is based on so much more than its curb appeal two weeks after you and your family move in. The quality of your new home is fundamentally rooted in how well you and your family live in your home years and years after our work is done. At Williamsburg Homes, building Energy Star-certified new homes is just one way we can ensure that your new home is a joy to live in.